Press Clipping
Turning Jewels Into Water, Retro-Futuristic Sound Explosion Of New York And Haiti

Its mission is to expose the contaminating reality of the dystopian present with an infectious and retro-futuristic sound explosion. Half organic, half machinist, in his debut Which Way is Home? a path of empathic liberation is proposed. The union of the duo began in the fall of last year in Brooklyn, New York , during a jam session at Pioneer Works, a creative platform and multidisciplinary adventure in which Momin made a residency that quickly evolved into a ritual revelation and deep ceremony.
Voices, dislocated beats and a digital amalgam were deciphered between linguistic dreams and spatial ghosts ; as if the imaginary of Bladerunner will meet the black poetry of Nathaniel Mackey, to decipher Gnostic figures from a burned wiring.
The spiritual emergence of the project draws on African-American traditions and the childhood in Mumbai by Ravish Momin, as well as Jeanty's native voodoo : together they fly into new worlds and musical outbursts .

Thus, Turning Jewels Into Water is a new beginning with futuristic roots that give rise to mutant dubs, sine waves, polyrhythmic percussions and static interferences of an aerial console, through haunted turntables and post-apocalyptic synthesizers fused in the legacy of jazz , the illbient and the Afroelectronics .
Turning Jewels Into Water is Ravish Momin (electronic drums, live loops, programming) and Val-Inc (turntables and electronic percussion ).